Reduce Cost of Chronic Care for High Risk Patients

Patients with chronic conditions require intensive management and care strategies delivered by multidisciplinary care teams to achieve optimal patient outcomes. Real-time patient diaries provide accurate patient generated health data that allows care teams to implement timely interventions which results in improvements for patients and healthcare stakeholders including improved outcomes and reduced cost of managing high risk patients.


The Acuma Health Digital Disease Management (DDM) Solution provides the following benefits to healthcare stakeholders:

Reduced costs of managing high risk patients with chronic conditions

Improved patient health outcomes and quality of life

Enhanced patient engagement and member retention

Improved patient self-care

Better medication management and reduced medication adverse effects

Healthcare Technology to Address Specialty Diseases and Chronic Conditions

Acuma Health’s DDM Solution provides features designed specifically for improving patient outcomes for a variety of specialty diseases and chronic conditions.

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Some of the chronic conditions we address:


It is important that there is timely intervention upon the onset of seizures to arrest their progression. Longitudinal data on the occurrence of seizures, duration and intensity of seizure episodes, Adverse Drug Events (ADE) and medication adherence data is valuable for optimizing therapeutic regimens.

Find out how Acuma Health’s DDM Solution has the ability to provide timely alerts and notifications that enhance patient safety and reduce caregiver burden.

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Hemophilia necessitates a lifetime of intensive management and care strategies delivered by an expert multidisciplinary team to achieve optimal outcomes.

Find out how Acuma Health’s DDM Solution seamlessly leverages ePROs (electronic patient reported outcomes) to provide data-driven timely interventions and improved compliance with therapeutic regimens.

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The onus is on healthcare stakeholders to be able to manage patients’ care in order to minimize distress and maximize clinical outcomes. However, the bulk of cancer care happens when the patient is away from the clinic. The weight of cancer care and cancer survivorship care on the health systems is increasing more rapidly than what the patient numbers suggest.

Find out how Acuma Health’s DDM Solution enables healthcare stakeholders to address the inherent challenges and achieve better patient health outcomes and quality of life and reduced the burden of the cost of chronic care.

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Due to the heterogeneity of the patient population, treatment in MS is highly individualized. As a result, healthcare stakeholders require optimal access to patient health generated data to enable customization of care for improved patient outcomes.

Find out how Acuma Health’s DDM Solution addresses the challenges of patients with multiple sclerosis to allow for timely interventions and symptom management with the goal of better supporting MS patients and reducing cost of chronic care to the healthcare system.

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This is a sampling of the specialty diseases that can be addressed with Acuma Health’s DDM Solution. It also addresses a wide-range of other chronic conditions.

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