The Acuma Digital Disease Management (DDM) Solution was designed to give care providers the most comprehensive and interactive communications and care management platform to improve customer retention, disease management outcomes, and customer satisfaction.

The solution allows for easy provisioning and implementation of specific disease conditions with integration across common elements.


Leveraging the Internet of Things (IOT), the Acuma Health DDM Solution provides a frictionless environment to identify changes in disease condition, medication management patterns, and optimal care delivery that allow care providers to seamlessly and instantly communicate with their customer community, improving outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Improve cost-benefit and risk-benefit outcomes in patients

Lower plan costs – timely interventions & lower cost care settings

Improve patient self-management

Higher member satisfaction and retention

Comprehensive RWD for clinical trials

Better formulary management with efficacious and cost-effective drugs

The comprehensive Acuma Health Digital Disease Management Solution includes a unique set of features and benefits:

Configurable Web Application

The Acuma Health DDM Solution includes a comprehensive web application that allows for set up of unique workspaces for specific healthcare stakeholders, such as administrators, pharmacists, nurse and care team members and care coordinators, working with their patient/customer populations.

Acuma Health Patient Engagement App

The Acuma Health DDM Solution also includes an IOS and Android enabled patient mobile application. The Acuma Health Patient Engagement App is uniquely tailored to each patient’s chronic condition. If multiple conditions are being managed, the application will enable data capture, metrics, analytics, and communication specific to each condition. It will also integrate common data elements such as symptom management, medication cabinet, and activity monitoring.

The patient app allows for frictionless data capture, communication, and interaction with care providers. Patients will also have longitudinal records of the disease care patterns that can be shared with their physicians and care team.

Care Gap Alerts and Notifications

Care gap alerts specific to the condition managed are key features to the Acuma Health DDM Solution. These alerts and notifications are shared both with the patient and with the care providers and can be configured to set rules for action. These rules can be progressive in nature calling for different types of intervention by healthcare stakeholders (pharmacist, nurses, clinicians, etc.) based on the nature and severity of the situation.

These alerts allow the care team to help patients better manage adverse drug events (ADEs) and side effects and improves quality of life and encourages better adherence to the prescribed therapeutic regimen.

Integration with Connected Devices

The Acuma Health Patient Engagement App interfaces with smart connected devices such as smartwatches, weight scales, blood pressure cuffs, etc. The app will recognize the appropriate data to be captured from these devices based on the conditions being managed. This allows for seamless and frictionless capture of actionable patient generated health data.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Longitudinal patient data is captured, processed, and analyzed to provide real-time, actionable insights into disease progression, therapeutic efficacy, utilization of medical resources (planned or unplanned), and population health metrics. This data is presented via intuitive and interactive dashboards in the various healthcare stakeholder workspaces.

HIPAA Compliance and FHIR Integration

All messaging, notifications and patient communications are secure and meet HIPAA requirements assuring protection of any data communicated. The Acuma Health DDM Solution also comes with a Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) API to allow for sharing of data with providers’ and patient’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Electronic Health Record (EHR).

As a web-enabled platform, implementation of Acuma Health DDM Solution is simple and fast. We back this up with a dedicated support infrastructure to assist in client onboarding, training, and ongoing customer support.

To find out more about how Acuma Health’s DDM Solution can help you reduce high risk patient management costs, contact us today.