Progressive Healthcare Management for Hospitals and Healthcare Systems to Prevent Readmissions and Lower Costs

Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will continue to shift the risk of care reimbursement to hospitals and healthcare systems. Demands for better patient engagement and empowerment impact not just the quality of patient care but have financial consequences as well. Low patient satisfaction scores and high readmission rates impose a financial burden on provider organizations.

As a result of this, Hospitals and healthcare systems need to be progressive and evaluate the use of new forms of healthcare technology to assist in managing this challenge. Recent studies have indicated that close to $14,000 per incident is lost reimbursement due to readmissions. For large healthcare systems, this can result in multi-million-dollar losses. In addition, the continued rise of pay-for-performance programs demands optimal patient outcomes and positive patient satisfaction to maximize reimbursement. As a result, there has been a rise in digital health technology solutions aimed at helping organizations improve in these areas. In addition, hospital and healthcare systems will be integral parts of the growing ACO process and will take on further risk for overall patient care.

HOSPITALS AND health systems can leverage healthcare technology to achieve these goals:

IMPROVE PATIENT SATISFACTION to maximize reimbursement

enhance patient care and reduced readmissions

Identify and close treatment gaps for better care management

Hospitals and healthcare systems that best understand these new payment systems and can implement programs and services to better manage their patient populations will be the ones that survive and thrive in this new environment.

Acuma Health’s Digital Disease Management (DDM) Solution is designed to assist in the communication and coordination of care for high risk patients across all provider care settings and provides important feedback in gaps in care that will help improve overall patient management.