Self-Insured Employers Healthcare Data Management to Lower Risk and Improve Employee Health

The market continues to grow for companies to self-insure their healthcare coverage. In the past, these options existed mostly for large employers, but recent trends show this moving downstream to businesses with less than 250 employees.

Priorities of self-insured employers plans include:

ReducE risk of healthcare cost changes with their carriers

Have better control over plan strategy and cost

Enable and promote patient self care

For programs to be successful, employers need to more actively participate in the overall health management of their employee population including:

  1. Identifying the most high-risk employees and encouraging healthy habits
  2. Stratifying those employees and their beneficiaries with high cost chronic conditions and help them play a more active role in their healthcare management
  3. Identifying high-cost medications and implementing programs to reduce medication wastage and improve overall medication adherence
  4. Utilizing real-time data to identify areas of high cost and implementing programs to reduce the expenditure of healthcare dollars in these areas

Leveraging healthcare technology that can help better manage employee chronic conditions, encourage healthy lifestyle practices, and help better manage medication usage will play an important role. Acuma Health’s Digital Disease Management (DDM) Solution is designed to self-insured employers in implementing these strategies successfully and profitably.